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“Books are a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection. Books change your mind.”
-Toni Morrison


I literally picked this book up, and finished it within a few hours. Every page was captivating and filled with such eagerness to learn the depths of these characters. I feel that many people will be able to read this and be able to reflect on a time where they themselves were conflicted with many of the challenges experienced by the characters in the story. The way that elements of Faith and decision-making are outlined through the dialogue and experience of characters is intriguing. I deeply appreciated the captivation of hyper masculine behalf that is instill in many male identifying individual leading, however I love how the author also captivated elements of their vulnerability and what would be stereotyped as insecurities

Candice Brooks

Phases The Series
Book One

Released: October 24, 2018

Before growth can begin, these four students will need to learn to navigate life-altering obstacles to survive their freshman year in college. Journey through life's Phases with Mackenzie, Justice, Wesley and Chance. Will they pass the test?

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